Mean Girls

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Sigh, being six-and-a-half can be so hard. My daughter, about a girl at school:

I have a friend who is sad a lot, and I wipe away her tears. But she is very mean to me.

Making Preview Default to JPEG

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I finally got fed up with the fact that Apple's Preview app saves screen shots as TIFF files. It turns out you can tweak this:

  ~$ defaults write Preview \
    -dict-add PVImageScreenCaptureFileFormat "public.jpeg"

Do this while Preview is not running.

Lynne on AMW

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Lynne's case is going to be featured on America's Most Wanted at some point in the near future.

OpenSocial Reference -- Deobfuscated!

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I've been fiddling around with OpenSocial, and took a stab at de-obfuscating OpensocialReference.js, which is distributed with the sample container. I don't think there's a lot of information in there that you couldn't glean from the sample container, but maybe it'll be useful.

Dio de los Muertos

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Yesterday was Lynne's birthday. She would have been 34. Sarah made an arrangement to remember her, dio de los muertos style.

Sarah Remembers Lynne

I've posted before about what happened. If you have any information about Jeff Marshall, please do contact the appropriate folks. Thanks.

My Sister was Murdered

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Jeffrey Charles Marshall My sister Lynne was killed in April of this year. On my birthday, her body was found in her apartment in Fresno, CA. She'd been shot dead.

Police are looking for a man named Jeffrey Charles Marshall. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact:

Detective Charles Renfro
Fresno Police Department
+1 559 621-2446

Marshall has been featured on both the Fugitive Watch website and the Valley Crimestoppers website. Detective Renfro has submitted his case to America's Most Wanted, as well.


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It was dubbed The First Annual ManTastic Hudson Exile Convention. And oh, was it ever! We re-lived our youth playing board games and Call of Cthulhu, and while some of the magic was hard to re-create (ten or twelve bottles of wine notwithstanding), it was great to get the band back together again.

Below are Neal, Gian, Phil, myself, and Jake, as we stroll around the Embarcadero looking for grub. "Dollar" Bill took the picture, probably feeling like he's got his Quentin Tarantino on.

Six Pack, Minus One

And then later, witness myself, Jake, Gian, Phil, and Neal flying our WWI biwings around Gian's house playing Wings of War. Dollar again took the photo, probably a bit befuddled by our intensity.

Wings of War

Again we play Wings of War! That's Grace, Gian, Neal, Bill, myself, Jake, and Gian's cousin Mike. I think Machan took the photo. I think Dollar was reading through the Call of Cthulhu module we'd play later.

Wings of War, The Other Way

Imagine this, about twenty years earlier, transplanted to nowhe^H^H^H^H^H Hudson, Ohio, sans booze, girls, and showers, and you've pretty got my high school career summed up.

Bull Rider

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Yes, I am going native.

Apologies for the proportions, I am a vidiot!

OCaml and YAML, I'm an AniML!

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I created an OCaml wrapper for the Syck YAML toolkit. Right now, all it does is parse YAML, since that's all I needed it to do. I'll get around to hooking up the emitter eventually.

Family Portrait

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Here's the family portrait.